What is Ayahuasca?

Hand & Cup

The mixture that people commonly refer to as ayahuasca may also be called the tea, the medicine, the plants, the brew, or a number of other names. Although this mixture is called ayahuasca, it is rare to drink a brew made up of just the ayahuasca vine.  Most traditionally, the ayahuasca vine and chakruna leaf are boiled together and steeped into a tea for approximately 10 hours.  This  medicine has been prepared and used in healing ceremonies by the indigenous groups throughout the Amazon Basin of South America for centuries. The traditions of how each indigenous culture uses ayahuasca are varied, but most, if not all use the plant brew for both physical, emotional and spiritual healing, as well as to access vision and spiritual connection through the channel of a trained shaman.

There is a deep wisdom to the synergistic effect of combining the ayahuasca vine and chakruna leaf.  The combination of these two plants creates an outcome that neither one produces on its own.  The ayahuasca vine is a purgative, providing cleansing and physical release and a deeper sense of connectedness to the body and earth.   The grounded aspects of the ayahuasca vine offer stability for the psychedelic and visionary properties that the chakruna provides.  Biochemically, the chakruna leaf carries dimethyltryptamine (DMT) which would normally be destroyed by the body’s digestive process.  The use of the chakruna alone would have no visionary effect on the human body without the accompaniment of the MAO inhibitors held in the ayahuasca vine.  The MAO inhibitors prevent the digestive process from breaking down the DMT and allow the psychoactive properties of the chakruna to be expressed in the body.

Why Do People Drink Ayahuasca?

There are many benefits to working with ayahuasca including physical, emotional and spiritual detoxification.  Many people come to ayahuasca in their quest to heal a physical ailment that has been untreatable by “western medicine”. There are certainly positive and powerfulexamples of healing and reduction of physical illness from ayahuasca, although it is not certified or accepted by mainstream medicine as a therapuetic treatment. As we do not have training in the scientific background that is needed to make these claims, we recommend that you seek further information from the internet and other scientific sources that are focused on the usage of ayahuasca to treat disease.

One of the most powerful gifts of working with ayahuasca is an overall experience of deep connection.  Ayahuasca assists in opening us to recognize the value of being in relationship with plants and nature, of maintaining awareness of the food we eat, as well as our treatment of the planet and each other.  This calls us to experience ourselves as being part of a larger ecosystem that necessitates attention and attunement in order to stay in balance as a whole.  Furthermore, she opens the channels to our higher knowing, by helping us to connect to our hearts. Ayahuasca is a key that opens up doors inside of you.  There are many keys on the spiritual development path such as meditation, sacred geometry, hypnosis, breathwork, etc. that offer access to different dimensions of yourself.  Ayahuasca is one of those keys and can be a tremendously powerful ally in your growth and development process.