A Book by Tracy James M.A., C.Ht., CPCC and Lucine Eusani, M.A, M.Phil, RYT

AyaBookBanner7-13Increasing numbers of people are experiencing a profound dissatisfaction with the superficial and stressful aspects of modern western life.  Many seek to balance the benefits of technology with the centering effects of communion with nature and with the sacred aspects of themselves.   These tend to be the people that feel a call to connect with sacred places on the planet and with plant medicines like ayahuasca.  This call for connection is part of the next stage of human evolution.  An invitation to shed our distractions, anxiety and sense of limitation and create an inspiring life and a world that works for all.  We have an opportunity to cancel our contracts with mediocrity and to tap into our immense creative capacities to design a way of being on the planet that is sustainable and in alignment with nature.  This call is guiding us home to our hearts and to act from the wisdom, love, and infinite joy that is, and always has been available to us.  If this resonates with you, then this book will be a great resource for you on your journey.

This book is written specifically for those interested in working with ayahuasca who are deeply committed to personal development and the evolution of their consciousness.  Not everyone drinking ayahuasca has that commitment.  Those seeking ayahuasca for the purposes of entertainment, curiosity or a “high” will not find much value in our approach.

Regardless of whether you have never experienced ayahuasca before or if you have, but have struggled with actually living what you’ve learned, this book has much to offer you.  Inside its pages, we share tools and insights gleaned from our experiences as life coaches facilitating individuals and groups in working with ayahuasca.  Our tools and processes enable people to draw more from their ceremonies and to effectively and sustainably apply what they’ve learned.  Many find ayahuasca to be a powerful partner in helping to release and replace dis-empowering patterns, to open spiritual and creative channels, and to vision an inspiring future.  Ayahuasca gives us insight in a “peak experience” way, but does not always completely transform us in that moment.  Once we have the insight, we must then do the inner work to practically make it real in our lives.  “Journeying with Ayahuasca” is a companion filled with heart-based resources to support you on your journey.

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