images-10Each of us is here as a unique expression of the Divine, revealing that Divinity through the sacred act of living.  For many, life has come to feel more stressed than sacred and they hunger to live in harmony with their Divine selves, to awaken to the beauty found in the present moment.

There is a common wish many have to be able to wave a magic wand or take a pill, ie. drink ayahuasca, and that life’s challenges will disappear.  While a tremendous deal of healing and re-aligning occurs within the ceremony itself, the practical and tangible integration can be easier for some than for others.  To shift from being at the mercy of life to being an active-co-creator with Source is a journey in and of itself.  There is much that awaits you upon your return home.  Processing the effect and meaning of the visionary experiences, integrating the deep releases of past emotional debris, and living with an open heart in a family or community unfamiliar to that version of you is not always easy.  That is why we began offering this kind of support for those working with plant medicines.

The answers you are seeking are within you. What we offer is support to find your way to that wisdom within.  As part of this human journey, each one of us is conditioned to forget and avoid who we really are.  Overcoming this conditioning takes consistent practice and the reflection from others who aren’t afraid to mirror back to you the blind spots that have been inhibiting you from really moving forward.  The coaching serves as that consistent mirror from someone who is not a friend or family member, and who doesn’t have a personal agenda other than you living a vibrant and heart-guided life. We hold the knowing that all things occur for a reason to serve and evolve you and so we work with you to find the magic and meaning in each experience of life.  Coaching provides support for living the truth that your life is your creation.  You are conspiring with the Divine to express, thrive, and evolve.  It gives us great joy to join you in that conspiracy.

Individual coaching sessions with Tracy or Lucine are available via telephone or skype.   If you are interested in the additional support coaching provides, contact us at

“Lucine has a gift of knowing what and how to ask, to help me see another side to my issues. She’s extremely perceptive, particularly when I have been so good at hiding things in the past. I cannot tell you how much our sessions helped me, more than anything else I’ve experienced.  She’s wise, down to earth and practical, I would definitely recommend coaching with Lucine to other people.” -M.T.

“I began working with the medicine about 10 months ago, and my life has changed rapidly. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to coach with Tracy because the work done in ceremonies is just the beginning. I really believe its imperative to have ongoing support in between ceremonies because the integration process can be really intense and that’s where most of the benefits from ceremony occur. To be able to continuously take the information one receives in ceremony and learn from it, and integrate it, takes constant awareness and shifts in perception. Having the support of Tracy has allowed me to reach higher states of consciousness. The work we do together continues to help me break down the walls within me that keep me from fully knowing my truth and expressing that in the world. Honestly, I don’t know if I could do such deep work with the medicine without coaching. For me, they go hand in hand.” -Erin L., Health Coach