woman-doing-yogaThrough retreats and life coaching, AyaIntegral offers a bridge between indigenous amazonian shamanism and body-mind balancing techniques such as yoga and meditation. This integration of powerful eastern and western spiritual technologies offers a unique path to profound personal and spiritual growth. The effect is alignment of heart, mind, body and spiritual essence, igniting the dormant visionary, leadership and creative capacities in each person.

Our workshops and life coaching are designed for those who are deeply committed to personal and spiritual development and the evolution of consciousness.  In our retreats and coaching programs, we share tools and processes that enable people to get the most from their journeys with ayahuasca, and to sustainably apply that learning to daily life and relationships.  Ayahuasca, also called “The Medicine”, gives us insight in a “peak experience” way, but does not always completely transform us in that moment.  With that insight, we must then do the inner work to practically make these shifts real in our lives.

Many people feel drawn to working with ayahuasca with indigenous shamans but have concerns about finding quality shamans in the jungle and drinking the medicine without translation assistance and emotional support.  We understand these concerns and have designed our retreats to provide a safe and supported environment where your needs are taken care of so that you can relax and focus on your work with the medicine.  Our approach eases the learning curve and allows you to avoid the pit-falls that many face when working with shamans and with ayahuasca.

While ayahuasca on its own is a powerful ally, we feel strongly that a holistic approach brings about the most effective and long-term positive outcomes.  Our retreats include:

  • Ayahuasca diet
  • Female and male indigenous Shipibo shamans
  • Consultation with the shamans
  • Meditation practices for focusing and concentrating the mind
  • Body movement or yoga to support emotional release
  • A natural, safe and peaceful environment
  • Supportive facilitation

Journeys with ayahuasca are filled with a wide range of experiences, some are glorious states of oneness consciousness and peace, and others involve facing pain or grief that we have hidden or distracted ourselves from.  Working with ayahuasca allows for profound levels of release of disempowering patterns and emotional debris from your physical and energetic bodies.  The medicine brings about a purging of those things that have been inhibiting your joy and full self expression.  While it can feel intimidating or scary to take this kind of journey, the “rewards” of reclaiming your power and remembering what you’re truly capable of are infinitely worth the effort. To support you in the process, we utilize many personalized and unique tools to bring about greater ease and to release the suffering some can mistakenly apply to a healing and loving experience.

Both in life and in working with ayahuasca, there are mindsets and perspectives that when held, bring about greater insight, flow and well-being.  These perspectives help to release and clear past patterns with greater ease and to open your capacities to vision the future that your heart truly desires.  We work with you to find those perspectives that are authentic to you and that support you in living in alignment with your true nature.  While ayahuasca and the shamans are powerful teachers and guides, it is the increased access to your own inner wisdom that occurs through this process that allows for you respond to your daily life and relationships with more clarity, peace of mind and resourcefulness.