Nov 5-15, 2018 – Mystic Journey Aya Retreat Facilitated by Tracy James | Pucallpa, Peru

Imagine yourself in the heart of nature, the Amazon jungle, working with traditional shaman to cleanse your body and evolve your consciousness.  The Mystic Journey retreat offers a safe setting in which you can connect deeply with the gifts offered you in working with the plant medicine, Ayahuasca. Experience a unique integration of traditional Shamanic healing with meditation, supported by a healthy, carefully prepared diet.  Included as well are one on one and group process sessions to provide support in maintaining balance and gaining insight and perspective throughout the course of your work with Ayahuasca.

About the work with Ayahuasca: Our modern way of living has disconnected us greatly from the profound wisdom that our ancestors were guided by.  There is a body-heart awareness and guidance that has been laying dormant in us, awaiting the opportunity to be awakened and be heard.  This awareness holds within it the answers that many of us have been unsuccessfully seeking outside of ourselves.  This work with Ayahuasca offers a gateway to return to this inherent wisdom in a way that one must experience to really understand.  Ayahuasca can help us to open new doors in ourselves, enabling us to resolve painful wounds, spark creativity and new ideas, and gain profound awareness into the essence of reality and consciousness.  The awareness gained is not just esoteric in nature.  The wisdom gleaned often has very practical applications for your work, relationships and life path.  While Ayahuasca is a powerful tool, she will not do this work for you. You must be willing to face yourself and participate with the shamans and “The Medicine” in your own healing and awakening.

Our team has developed a program that is robust and supportive while staying flexible to your individual needs.  This approach to working with ayahuasca is an integrative one, rooted in a deep respect for the traditional healing power of ayahuasca and the Shipibo shamans, and drawing from eastern teachings of mindfulness meditation and yoga.  The Retreat will be facilitated by Tracy James.

Ayahuasca can help us to open new doors in our selves, enabling us to heal deep traumas, and to envision new and authentic ways of living.  The meditation and process work with Tracy facilitate your ability to concentrate most effectively during ceremonies and release emotional and energetic debris from your body.  We are committed to providing a safe and supported environment where you can journey deep within yourself, awaken and transform.

There are many tools and practices that we use during the workshop to process, expand and integrate the teachings experienced in your ayahuasca journeys.  Below is a list of some of these practices that you can expect to find in the workshop.

This retreat offers the following:

  1. Introductory Ayahuasca Preparation Sessions
  2. 7 Ayahuasca ceremonies with female and male traditional Shipibo shaman
  3. Traditional Flower Baths to cleanse and rejuvenate
  4. Group Process and Information Sessions
  5. Individual Intention Session with the Shamans
  6. Transition and Integration Group and Individual Sessions
  7. Personal Introspective Time



When you register, we will send you more information on the specific diet we recommend for you to adhere to 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks following the retreat.  This work with Ayahuasca involves a commitment to deep healing and spiritual growth.  In the ancient traditions, observation of specific dies is associated with increasing levels of spiritual openness and allows for deep cleansing to occur.  In essence, this diet consists of very reduced levels of salt and sugar intake and no sexual activity, not ingesting pork, drugs or alcohol.  There are also certain foods and drugs that have contraindicative effects when taking ayahuasca.  Please review this site for clarification about those substances.


Cost per participant is $2900 US dollars for a 12 day workshop.  This includes costs for 12 days/11 nights accommodation and meals at the retreat center, 7 Ayahuasca ceremonies, all other workshop activities such as meditation, group and individual sessions, individual session with the shaman, etc.  Transportation to and from the meeting point in Pucallpa, Peru and the jungle retreat center is included.