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AyaIntegral Retreats can be customized to the needs of your group of 6 to 15 participants. You bring the group, we handle everything else including healthy Ayahuasca-friendly meals, sacred ceremonies, highly skilled and kind shamans, and heart-centered and experienced support in a beautiful and eco-friendly Amazonian jungle retreat center.


 “Wonderful and challenging in the best possible way. I feel I’ve grown here. I loved the flexibility of the schedule. The retreat center was beautiful. The shaman were incredible! So intuitive, so so inspired, so genuine. I felt that they gave their all and that they truly care about us and are committed to the work of helping people come into their higher selves. ” S.L.


Below are some available options.  We want to co-create this with you and encourage your ideas and inspiration:

  • 12-Day private retreat experience
  • 7 Ayahuasca ceremonies with Female and Male indigenous Shipibo shamans
  • Traditional flower baths to cleanse and rejuvenate
  • Integrate yoga or your own meditation, movement, or sacred practices
  • Your Group Leader can Co-facilitate with our Experienced Ayahuasca Facilitator to create a highly supported experience for your group
  • Group process and information sessions
  • Individual intention session with the shaman to share your goals and intentions and create a Customized Plan with them
  • Transition and Integration Group and individual sessions
  • Personal introspective time
  • Pre-retreat teleclass to prepare your group members and answer questions
  • Create a theme retreat such as a Yoga or Meditation retreat, an all Women or all Men’s retreat, Silent Retreat, Couples or people facing a common specific issue such as Grieving Lost Relationships or certain life transitions, etc.


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The costs for each customized retreat vary based on the length of time, number of ceremonies, participants, and location. Cost per participant with 8-15 people is approximately $2,900 US dollars per person for a 12 day workshop.  This includes costs for facilitator and shamans, 12 days/11 nights accommodation and meals at the retreat center, 7 Ayahuasca ceremonies, education, support and integration groups, and private session with the shaman.  Transportation to and from the meeting point in Pucallpa, Peru and the jungle retreat center is included.

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Don’t have 8 people? Then integrate your smaller group with the participants of our scheduled retreats. Click Here for those dates.