“I could not be more grateful for this experience. I feel strong and empowered in a way I have not felt in years. The healing and growth I’ve found in these 12 days has been profound. The shaman could not have been better. I am so so grateful for their work. My heart is open to whatever comes next and I’m excited about my future in a powerful new way.” Joslyn

“Thank you so much Lucine and Tracy, the work you have done on yourselves to create this path for others is held with deep respect and love in my heart. I felt so supported through every ceremony and many times was in absolute awe of your strength and commitment to all of our process. I feel so much love and gratitude for your beings.  Lucine, I’m so glad that you drove the great possibility of healing to me , so that I did say Yes. I feel I have set myself on the truest path to my hearts’ freedom, love and self acceptance. I’m ready and excited to create the most love, extraordinary life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. “ –I.T.

“Tracy, you are a gem! So much compassion, patience and empathy. You can multi-task girl! It’s like you were born to doula Ayahuasca ceremonies.” Sam

“I have been praying for this change for a long time, never knowing when or where it would happen, always feeling that one day I would feel it. Now, this retreat with Mother Ayahuasca was the gift I was waiting for. I am so grateful for it and for Tracy, especially, who with the incredible shamans supported me so I would feel safe enough to take the steps I needed to take. Thank you!” Adrian

“This trip has changed my life. I may be returning to Los Angeles to the same job, apartment, friends, etc. but I will return to a new reality of boundless possibilities for my present and future. Thank you so much for giving me the keys to my own kingdom and showing me the way to find strength within myself to go after my dreams with more passion than I have felt in decades.” Mimi

“Tracy and Lucine were amazing facilitators and helped me deepened my relationship with Spirit and the medicine. Tracy got me through one ceremony that I really didn’t think I was going to be able to get through, and she was able to give me a way to stay anchored in my physical body while the medicine worked on me. They are both amazing women, with amazing gifts to share with others, and anyone who gets to work with them should feel extremely fortunate.”  –E.L.

“I truly believe my progress/journey has accelerated because of you! Thank you! Thank you!”  J.L.

“Wonderful and challenging in the best possible way. I feel I’ve grown here. I loved the flexibility of the schedule. The retreat center was beautiful. The shaman were incredible! So intuitive, so so inspired, so genuine. I felt that they gave their all and that they truly care about us and are committed to the work of helping people come into their higher selves. ” S.L.

“Because of the safe, intimate setting, I felt safe in opening myself to people I just met. I really appreciated the group space, this allowed me to make deeper connections with people. I am so grateful how you handled the sometimes different situations presented by some of the participants. It was always with care, compassion and positivity. A deep sense of peace and satisfaction has permeated to the surface of my being. I wish you all the best as you help people become.” –D.H.

“This is my second Ayahuasca workshop in Peru now and I’m pleased to say this is the better experience of the two.  I’d definitely come to another workshop hosted by the two of you. The location and food was great and you both provided a relaxed, caring and informative environment/workshop, I highly recommend Ayaintegral. All the best to you both and the growing Ayaintegral family.” –S.C.

“Tracy, I loved the way you ran our retreat. You took care of us gracefully and with a smile. I never felt uncomfortable approaching you and I am so happy to know you. I am a huge fan of the shaman, they were perfect.” M.B.

“Lucine and Tracy…Divine, beautiful women. So much knowledge, love and support. “ –L.A.

“Tracy was amazing. She is supportive, compassionate and wise. She helped me find new ways of looking at things in my life and created the perfect healing space.”  J

“I cannot say enough about Tracy and Lucine. How they support each other is amazing. The connection between them and the maestros/as is beautiful. They were always ready and willing to take care of any little concern we may have had, and very helpful during times of need in ceremony.” –J.G.

“The work from Lucine and Tracy is amazing and was very important and helpful for us!  I feel me very blessed that I could be here, it’s a big gift from heaven.” K.F.

“Tracy and Lucine are very skilled. They communicate excellently with the group and were 110% supportive throughout my experience.  The Shipibo healers are an embodiment of their role. They are loving, supportive and kind.  Always smiling and positive- highly dedicated to their work in healing mankind’s ills.” –E.S.

“Lucine is incredible. She holds the space, beautifully, without ego, with love and a keen understanding that we are each on our own unique journeys, and that struggling through it can be supported but not done for us.  Here I feel that I lived and died and lived again, only to find another death-all in the service of deeper insight and understanding of how I want to be in the world. Thank you!” –E.C.

“I was able to jump right in and knew I was taken care of. Lucine is a tremendous asset and gift to the people who come.  For me an experience of a lifetime with results still to be seen or unfold like Christmas, a new gift every day. I am truly content and feel I can be calm in the midst of chaos.  Peace, joy  and love can be had for all.” –R.B.

“I began working with the medicine about 10 months ago, and my life has changed rapidly. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to coach with Tracy because the work done in ceremonies is just the beginning. I really believe its imperative to have ongoing support in between ceremonies because the integration process can be really intense and that’s where most of the benefits from ceremony occur. To be able to continuously take the information one receives in ceremony and learn from it, and integrate it, takes constant awareness and shifts in perception. Having the support of Tracy has allowed me to reach higher states of consciousness. The work we do together continues to help me break down the walls within me that keep me from fully knowing my truth and expressing that in the world. Honestly, I don’t know if I could do such deep work with the medicine without coaching. For me, they go hand in hand.” Erin L., Health Coach

“Lucine has a gift of knowing what and how to ask, to help me see another side to my issues. She’s extremely perceptive, particularly when I have been so good at hiding things in the past. I cannot tell you how much our sessions helped me, more than anything else I’ve experienced.  She’s wise, down to earth and practical, I would definitely recommend coaching with Lucine to other people.” –M.T.