The Shamans

Maestra Luzmilla and Maestro Jorge

Maestra Luzmilla and Maestro Jorge

On your jungle retreat, you will be working with both female and male indigenous Shipibo shamans.  We find that working with a balance of feminine and masculine healers is very powerful in fostering that balance within each of us.  The Shipibo come from a region along the Ucayali river in the Peruvian Amazon. They have an incredible relationship with the Earth and the Plant Spirits and very generously share their traditions, wisdom and medicines with us.  Each shaman brings many years’ experience with Ayahuasca and plant medicinal healing.  Their experience and integrity fosters a great deal of confidence and trust in the participants who work with them.

Their healing and light work is done through a blend of…

  • sound healing with their beautiful songs called “icaros” used to invoke healing plant Spirits and bring balance and alignment to your energy field,
  • traditional shamanic techniques including the “chupa” which involves sucking negative energies out of the body,
  • working with the wisdom and guidance the receive from Ayahuasca to assist you in purging limiting energies and emotions and illuminating the body and mind, and
  • pure love and hugs that they share abundantly.

These and other Shipibo shamans that we work with are beautiful beings and have devoted their lives to being curanderos (healers).  We are excited for you to connect with the people that we have come to trust and love.

The Facilitators

Lucine Eusani and Tracy James

Lucine Eusani and Tracy James

Tracy James M.A., CPCC – You may have experienced Tracy’s compassionate and direct coaching style on the television show Decision House, or in her inspiring workshops or tele-classes. Working with people in addiction recovery, the alternative health fields, as well as in the areas of anger management and emotional regulation, Tracy applies an intuitive and metaphysical approach to increase her clients’ experience of presence in their bodies and emotions to transform dis-empowering patterns. Tracy specializes in the area of energy psychology and has developed powerful techniques to support her clients through the profound transformations they experience. Working with Tracy involves moving beyond patterns of craving and aversion to living in alignment with your authentic and optimal life path. Tracy is passionate about uncovering effective mind-body-Spirit oriented approaches and works with tools such as ayahuasca, hypnosis and a process for emotional-energy metabolism she terms The Being Method. Tracy spends extensive time in the Peruvian Amazon, apprenticing to indigenous shaman.  There she has facilitated over 20, 12-day Ayahuasca retreats as well as traditional plant dietas to bridge westerners with the wisdom of indigenous shamans.  Tracy loves bringing psychological and mind-body approaches to support the work of traditional shaman who utilize plant medicines and indigenous energetic healing techniques. The purpose of Tracy’s life and work is to be a support and companion for those ready to evolve to higher states of consciousness, body awareness and love.

Pursuing her life-long interest in travel and cross-cultural communication, Tracy received her B.A. in International Relations from American University.  Her Masters Degree in Professional Counseling Psychology from The American School of Psychology at Argosy University as well as her training and certification from the Coaches Training Institute and The Hypnosis Motivation Institute, give her a strong background in personal development, and extensive experience in the technologies of human transformation. Tracy is an incredible ally for anyone seeking to transcend emotional blocks and addictive patterns. To find out more about Tracy’s philosophy and coaching, go to


Lucine Eusani, M.A, M.Phil, RYT – Lucine works with a diverse range of tools and modalities to assist people through journeys of healing and transformation. After her B.A in Poverty Studies from University of Michigan, she was awarded a Fulbright Grant to work in Colombia on healing and reconciliation with victims and ex-combatants of civil war. Her passion for somatic and emotional healing has led her to study with healers throughout the world, particularly 10 years in South America working with plant medicines, training in yoga, massage and energy work.  In 2005 she completed her yoga teacher training at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. Lucine has been teaching classes, running workshops and researching the benefits of yoga for mind/body healing in many countries around the world.

Lucine believes that the gateway to healing and living our highest potential is embodiment; bringing together the mental, physical and spiritual dimensions of our beings.  As a Rotary World Peace Fellow 2005-2007, she completed two Masters degrees in Conflict Resolution at the University of Bradford, UK. She continued to develop her interest in mind/body healing through her role as an advisor to the Colombian National Reconciliation Commission.

Lucine began working with Ayahuasca in 2001 and has worked and studied with shamans from diverse tribes and traditions throughout South America. In 2009 she began facilitating Ayahuasca workshops working primarily with female shamans in the Peruvian Amazon. Her relationship of more than a decade with Ayahuasca has offered her tremendous learning about the diverse traditions and usages of the plant medicine as a powerful healer and visionary ally.

A trained life-coach & social-emotional intelligence coach, as well as a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Lucine’s work now focuses on workshops and one to one coaching, and balancing her work/life passions with being a new mom! For more information about Lucine and her integral wellness coaching, check out her websites: and

Guest Instructors

Puma TimothyPuma Timothy, Yoga Instructor

Puma moved to the mountains of Western North Carolina, seeking an an alternative path to both his personal healing and education. While finishing college in NC, his father passed away. This milestone deepened his contemplative approach to life and education and facilitated a life-changing journey to India where he began opening his heart to Life’s Mystery and the enchantment of the yogic traditions. Graduating from Warren Wilson College with an Integrative Studies degree in Philosophy and Environmental Studies in 2000, he worked for a travel company for several years, helping to organize pilgrimages to specific sacred sites around the world. His own study of nutrition, herbalism and yoga asana helped heal his chronic respiratory and allergy issues, while his blossoming love of movement and philosophy created a longing to understand the Yogic way of life.

In 2002 he graduated from the Asheville Yoga Center with a focus on Vinyasa Flow Yoga and has taught for different studios, gyms, retreats and private students for twelve years. Under the tutelage of Stephanie Keach, Puma learned the foundations of the Ashtanga Yoga (the roots of Vinyasa Flow), yet has had training/experience with Yin Yoga, Iyengar, Kundalini and Bikram yoga. His practice and teaching tradition focuses on the breath as the teacher, encouraging us to claim our breath and stillness when faced with challenge. Puma has also been involved with various dance groups, ranging from African to Modern to ecstatic dance, as he appreciates all the avenues through which the mind, body and spirit can unite. In addition to teaching yoga, he has prepared food professionally since college, with a focus on nutritional wholeness and integrity.

In 2009 Puma was introduced to the medicinal and therapeutic ways of Aya. His initial dances with Grandmother were blissful and very comfortable, which he attributes to a mindful yogic breath practice and the subtle yet stable roots yoga has helped establish in his body and consciousness. In his experience,  the complementary effects of a yoga practice and the Aya traditions are many. Puma shares, “Both have a rising effect and energy, and both can be quite clearing and profoundly healing.” Having trained with Ashtanga master Dave Swenson and  having taught 80-year old women at the YWCA, Puma treats every moment as a learning opportunity, and often defers to the more patient and knowing energy of the plants. “We can learn so much about our bodies and the world around us by simply stretching our wrists differently one day or opening our toes a different angle. Plants teach us about the small things, about paying attention on every level. Yoga is no different.”